1. Use special watercolour paper.
  2. Draw in a few thin lines what you want to paint. A natural scene you can paint outdoor, but you can also make photographs of the subject and use these as an example.
  3. Make the paper moist.
  4. Now start with painting the largest parts, like sky or bottom. Use the paint in a thin, transparent way. The moist of the paper helps you spread the paint.
  5. Don’t paint the parts or spots that are white.
  6. While the paper is slowly drying, you can paint more details. The lightest parts first, later on the darkest.
  7. Keep your brushes clean, rinse them out frequently.
  8. The smallest details that shouldn’t flow out you can paint when the paper is completely dry.
  9. When your painting is finished, carefully erase the pencil lines.

This is only a simple start. There are many techniques which you can use in watercolour painting. If you want to learn more, I advise you to buy a good book about it. I wish you a lot of success!

The examples shown here were made with a Wacom board and Painter Classic software.